Optimal pelvic health requires balance and here at pH physiotherapy we pride ourselves on working with you to achieve your pelvic health goals no matter how big or small they may be.

Whether you are male or female, we know that pelvic health problems can have a knock on effect into all aspects of your physical, social & emotional wellbeing. We are here to help, support and guide you. Pelvic health physiotherapy is successful at treating many different conditions including; bladder and bowel leaks (incontinence), pelvic organ prolapse, endometriosis, pregnancy conditions, postnatal conditions (including diastasis), before and after surgery (eg prostectomy, hysterectomy, laprascopy), bladder pain, pelvic pain, sexual pain, erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, vulvodynia and much more.

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pH physiotherapy was founded and is lead by Helen Keeble. Helen takes immense pride in building such an experienced, down to earth & knowledgeable team of pelvic health physiotherapists. One team with one goal; to deliver friendly, holistic, individualised, evidence based, top class pelvic health physiotherapy for men and women.

We currently have a combined clinical experience of over 47 years and strive to give every single patient full resolution of their problem – diagnosing the root cause and getting rid of it for good. This at times involves referring you to and working alongside other medical professionals in this field. A multi-disciplinary approach with excellent communication is best; we always aim for the most efficient recovery possible for you.

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