Re-opening of pH physiotherapy clinic – London SW Branch – Client information

1st June 2020

This notice details the measures in place and the assessments carried out in order to begin to re-open the clinic safely for face to face consultations. The safety of all involved is of the utmost importance to us.

pH physiotherapy will continue to operate in line with the advice and recommendations from the UK government, public health England and our governing body (the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy).

We continue to offer online consults – these have been really successful and will remain in place indefinitely alongside face to face consultations. All new clients will require an online consultation before being booked in for a face to face consultation so that face to face time can be limited as much as possible.  This is in accordance with the current recommendation that physiotherapist ‘should continue to work with a virtual first approach using digital solutions and limit face to face contact’.

We are continually reviewing the recommendations and will be updating our policy accordingly. If you have any questions at all about face to face consultations then please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at

Booking online consultations

  • Online consultations are conducted via Zoom. You do not need a Zoom account – the physiotherapist will send you a link to your appointment ahead of the booked time
  • Click here to book in for an online consultation.
  • All new clients must book a 40min slot to allow for adequate assessment, advice and follow up to be given.
  • 20min slots are reserved for follow up/return clients only

Booking face to face consultations

  • These will be booked in by the physiotherapist at the end of your online consult if deemed appropriate after adequate screening and an individualised risk assessment.
  • All new clients must have an online consult first so that assessment and advice can begin online to minimize the face to face contact time.
  • All online consults can be booked in by clicking here.

New clients

  • All new clients must book in for a 40min online consult prior to any face to face consultation.
  • You will be emailed:
    • a personal details form
    • a symptom questionnaire
    • a payment link
  • If it is deemed as though a face to face consultation is appropriate after online consultation (which also importantly serves to reduce any face to face contact time and therefore an infection control measure) the physiotherapist will go through the COVID screening & risk assessment forms with you before then booking you in for your face to face consultation.

Follow up/return clients

  • All face to face consults must be made via direct contact with physiotherapist or by contacting the clinic on
  • These will only be made after screening & individualised risk assessment has taken place – the physio will email these to you
  • All consults that can be done online should remain online so as to limit face to face contact & protect the client & physiotherapist.
  • All payments for online or face to face consults must be made in full in davce – your physio will send you your payment link

COVID-19 infection control policy

Changes to the clinic:

  • Any cotton towels washed at over 60 degrees celsisus
  • Wipeable pillow cases implemented & fabric couch covers removed
  • No waiting in waiting room/reception by clients or staff (please do not arrive early for your appointment)
  • Hand sanitsier and disposable masks (if not bought own face covering) available for all clients
  • 15min gaps scheduled in between every single client to ensure social distancing between clients and for cleaning and airing to take place
  • Paper towels for hand drying

Changes to the booking process:

  • All online consults to be made by the client on the pH physiotherapy website or by clicking here.
  • All face to face contacts are bookable via direct contact with the physiotherapist only & only after a full online consult, screening, an individualised risk assessment and consent has been completed
  • It is really important that clients arrive on time and do not arrive early
  • All clients to sign & date screening & consent form again at the time of their consultation
  • All payments to be made online in advance of the booking so as to limit face to face time (your physio will send you the payment link ahead of your appointment)

Changes to treatments:

  • Each physiotherapist will wear full PPE (disposable gloves, apron & surgical face mask) throughout the consultation in accordance with official advice
  • Each client will need to sanitise hands immediately on arrival to the clinic using sanitizer provided and also wear a face covering
  • All appointments will finish strictly on time so that social distancing measures can be adhered to

Changes to the clinic cleaning;

  • Cleaning the clinic after each client consisting of wiping down every surface the client has come into contact with to the best of our ability using alcohol gel, bleach, soapy water and/or anti-bacterial sprays
  • Airing the room for 15mins after each client – including turning on extractor fans & opening doors
  • Double bagging disposable PPE waste & leaving for at least 72 hrs before removing
  • Deep clean all surfaces at the end of the day

Changes to physiotherapist protocols;

  • Change into clinic clothing at the clinic at start of day & remove at clinic at the end of the day. Wash at at least 60degrees Celsius
  • Washing hands & forearms extensively before, during & after every client
  • Correct removal & disposal of PPE after each client according to advice by pubic health England
  • If physiotherapist develops symptoms of COVID-19 or a client has developed symptoms after treatment – the physiotherapist will self isolate for 14days & inform patients seen within 7 days of either symptom onset.

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